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Like many great bands, Wheelhouse was conceived by six local like-minded musicians who wanted to put together a dynamic collection of modern country and classic rock songs which would make folks want to get up and dance.

We started out in 2009 at a "studio barn" in Clovis, to work on our songs and refine the music. But over time, we had to find a larger studio as Wheelhouse developed into a 9 member band, along with engineers. Our goal was not just to cover, but to capture the dynamics of the music and deliver the "punch" as was originally intended.

All of us in the band were spoon-feed on hard rock growing up (late 1960's through the 1980's), and at the same time, developed a deep appreciation for country music. But we were looking for something different; a genre of sound that fused our beloved energetic rock with country.

The answer was Modern Country, engineered by more then a few "out of work" Los Angeles rock producers who somehow dropped out of the plane on the way to New York, and landed in Nashville. We grabbed that bull by both horns, and have been riding that critter ever since.

So here we are, for your listening and dancing pleasure, playing Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and a little Garth Brooks among others; with a tip of the hat to our classic rock roots. You can see our entire song list by clicking here.

We hope to see you out there on the dance floor!

Wheelhouse is a "blue jeans and boots" casual type of band. It'd have to snow in the desert before we'd consider wearing tuxedos (it's happened, but rarely).

We're great at farmers markets, malls, street and county fairs, rodeo and barn dances, hoe-downs, weddings, Spring Flings, Summertime 4th of July Celebrations, and corporate events

And if you're having a Country Christmas, we can do that too.

If you are interested in learning more about our band, our contact info is a the bottom of each web page.

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