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Booking or hiring Wheelhouse to perform at your event or club is an easy process. All you have to do is e-mail or call our band manager, Tom at (559)281-6929, to discuss your event and the date you want us to play. We'll check our calendar, and tell you if we are available.

If you are an experienced event organizer or club owner who has been booking bands for some time, you'll probably know what a band generally needs to perform and put on a show. But if you are booking for a private party, or are rather new to all of this, we've got a list on the side bar of things you should consider.

For business and club owners, Wheelhouse Band members understand our role in helping you make money. Our job is to help you attract patrons, and provide appropriate entertainment to keep them excited, interested, dancing, and purchasing food and drink. It's not about us; it's about you and your establishment.

For charity events, our job is keep attendees entertained, dancing, and spending or giving money to the cause.

And for corporate or private parties and weddings, our job is to help ensure that your guests are happy, dancing, and that the occassion is a memorable event.

So if you're a newbie, or an old pro, don't be afraid to ask about what is needed to put on a great show. We're happy to help you

If you are a known establishment in California, and payment for the proposed performance is a simple flat fee, then a verbal agreement is all that is generally needed.

But if there are various complexities associated with the performance (revenue sharing, travel, performance conditions, large scale venue), then a contract will be necessary. You can see an example of a simple contract here   (PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required).

A standard performance for Wheelhouse is three to four 45 minute music sets, with a 15 minute break between sets; or 3 to 4 hours.

Wheelhouse may be different from other bands you have worked with in the past.  Below are some important points to consider:

  • We are community oriented and ideally suited for towns which are looking for full-package event entertainment value, and a minimum of coordination issues.
  • We are primarily geared toward outdoor municipal festivals and events for large crowds.  Our minimum stage size is 32' x 20' (roughly 20 - 8 x 4 standard stage panels).  You can view our Stage Plot here.
  • We have our own large venue sound system (vertical arrays, subs, fills, digital boards, relays, and processors) suitable for crowds up to 5,000 people.  We also own an extensive lighting system (static and moving heads) with truss and lifts.
  • We have three sound and light engineers to build-out and run the show; no additional stage hands are needed.  All equipment is on wheels and transported in a 26' truck with a lift gate.  You can view requisites here.
  • As a "Mission Critical" sound company, we have backups and duplicates of all equipment to overcome most any technical adversity.
  • We cover only well known songs with a high familiarity factor so the audience can dance and participate.  Our performances are rated "PG"; we do not perform songs with "language".  You can view a sample of our Song List.
  • Our music repertoire can optionally run as long as 3 hours; we are ameanable to performing with other bands or acts, using our equipment as necessary.  We also have sub-sets outside the pop-country genre (blues, rock, and classics).
  • Booking is usually 60 days in advance; 20% retainer at booking; balance due 7 days before performance.  We have three tier pricing so that your client gets exactly what they need (performance, plus sound, plus lighting).

One of the conveniences of hiring Wheelhouse for your event is that you do not have to necessarily hire a separate sound company for sound reinforcement (the PA system).  Wheelhouse is its own sound company.

Our standard digital PA system will easily provide sound to a crowd up to 1,000 individuals, and the system is included in our quote.  However, if you are entertaining a larger crowd, Wheelhouse can provide a larger system to cover up to 5,000 people, with an additional fee.

There are reasons we do charge for the larger PA system; longer setup time, more stagehands, additional sound engineer, and liability insurance.

Please call us for more details, and a discussion of your event needs.

Through our website, you can learn more about the band, look over our song repertoire, check-out places we've been, and see what is needed for your event. Just click the Open Menu here or at the top of the page.

Most of all, we are very easy to communicate with and can provide tips to help you make your event memorable, and/or profitable. We also have a available.

You can view video and additional pictures of the band on our Facebook page. To stay in the information loop, be sure to click "LIKE" one the band Facebook page.

If you are interested in learning more about our band, our contact info is a the bottom of each web page

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