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Wheelhouse is a community minded band, and provides a limited number of performances on an annual basis for fund raising events.

If your organization holds a valid 501(c) status, and you are holding a fundraising event, Wheelhouse is willing to work with you to provide a reduced or waived performance fee, provided the event or charity meets the following criteria:

  • The charity organization can provide Wheelhouse management with a copy of your IRS 501(c) tax exemption letter, a verifiable Federal Tax ID number upon request, and a mission statement demonstrating how the organization benefits the general public or specific charity.
  • The event is not for religious, political or ideological purposes. However, religiously based organizations hosting fundraisers for a public benefit are acceptable.
  • 100% of the net proceeds go to the charity, and the 501(c) cannot be self-serving (for example: providing scholarships for persons wishing to enter an associated business). However, exceptions are made for most youth organizations.
  • The event is large scale; 500 guests or more, and there are no attendance restrictions (for example: members only).
  • The event is Western, Country, or Outdoor themed.

Please understand that while the Wheelhouse performance fee may be waived for verified 501(c) organizations, hard costs (transportation, travel, stagehands, rentals, set-up, insurance, security, and/or overnight accommodations) are not usually absorbed by the band. Hard costs most often based upon distance, and size of the event. We can provide you with a cost estimation should it be necessary.

Wheelhouse reserves the right to decide which organizations will receive a "pro-bono" performance, and the number of performances per year.

Please contact us at (559) 281-6929 to discuss your event.

Through our website, you can learn more about the band, look over our song repertoire, check-out places we've been, and see what is needed for your event. Just click the Open Menu here or at the top of the page.

Most of all, we are very easy to communicate with and can provide tips to help you make your event memorable, and/or profitable. We also have a available.

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