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Neighbor to Neighbor Concerts are two-hour music events held in local neighborhoods, designed to bring neighbors together for the purpose of building interconnected, safe, and healthier neighborhood communities.

The concerts are meant to be a way of attracting neighborhood members (who might not otherwise attend a neighborhood watch meeting) by providing an enjoyable musical event for the purpose of meeting other neighbors, and get information about organizing a neighborhood watch program.

The event begins with an hour of hosted music, followed by a 15 minute intermission for presentations; and a final hour of music. During the intermission, local law enforcement officers speak about how to make neighborhoods safer, and provide ways of organizing a neighborhood watch program. Reading material is made available at a booth during the entire concert, and Wheelhouse prompts talking points during the show so that neighbors can “break the ice” and get to know one another.

Planning for this type of event begins with organizing a neighborhood committee to delegate various tasks such as:

  • Outreach - What is the primary neighborhood area you want to cover? How many households will be invited?
  • Obtaining City or County Permit - Since this is an event held on a public street or road, you should provide notice so that law enforcement can help provide a safe environment.
  • Communications - Notification to neighbors though the Nextdoor Application, Facebook Groups, or distributing flyers.
  • Accommodation - Event Date and Time, Setup Access, Electrical Hook-Ups. Safety - Traffic Flow and Detour, signage, event supervision.

The concert staging area is setup on a neighborhood street which has the least amount of impact on “through” traffic, and minimum impedance to homes in the area. The staging area is configured so that emergency vehicles may pass through. Safety signage, traffic cones, caution tape, and portable barriers are available through the band.

Wheelhouse provides the PA system, stage lights, and music. We bring a generator to provide power.

Residents are encouraged to bring comfortable seats, such as lawn chairs, and their favorite beverage; alcohol is discouraged due to the nature of the event, and the possible presence of children.

If your neighborhood is interested in hosting a Neighbor to Neighbor Concert, give Wheelhouse a call to discuss your event.

If you are a local municipality, business or corporation looking to build good will in the community, Wheelhouse is willing to partner-up on community events.

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