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Our guide book page is intended to provide you with tips to consider when hiring a band. You'd be surprised how much logistical consideration is necessary when hiring a band. It kinda takes folks by surprise. So we put together a list of things to think about.

One of the crucial questions many planners ask when deciding on live music at an event is: How much sound coverage do we need?

If you are planning an indoor event with an anticipated audience of 200 to 300 people, you don't need a lot. Many bands have small PA systems that will suffice.

However, when you start planning for larger events in banquet rooms, convention halls, or outdoors areas, you should consider a larger sound system to adequately reach an audience, especially when the audience wants to be enveloped in the music.

When you hire Wheelhouse to perform at your event, we not only provide the music entertainment, we can also provide the sound system to reach an audience of up to 5,000 over a broad area if necessary.

Our standard sound system we use for small venues (clubs, small banquet rooms, small outdoor areas) is designed to reach an audience of 1,000 people. But if you are planning a large outdoor street event or utilizing a convention hall, Wheelhouse can provide the bigger sound system to reach the crowd.

When we use the larger sound system, we do charge an additional fee (usage, increased workload). We obtain insurance, provide a certificate, and if requested, a waiver of subrogation.

Please call us at (559)281-6929 for more information regarding or large scale sound system, and your specific needs.

Not only does this refer to location, but it also has to do with staging. If possible, elevated staging is important because loudspeakers can be better positioned to project out, and the audience has better line of sight with the band.

There are nine musicians in Wheelhouse and at minimum we need about a 24' x 20' stage for ourselves and an area footprint of 32' x 28'.

A few local stage companies Wheelhouse has worked with in the Central Valley are: Audioworks, Speeda Sound, and Bulldog Event Group in Fresno.

Funny how we all overlook this basic essential. For our normal amps and PA system, we ideally need to two 20-amp circuits. These circuits need to be "clean", meaning you don't have motorized appliances on the circuit (refrigerators, dishwashers, cutting saws).

When we are asked to perform at larger venues (over 1,000 listeners), we need to bring our concert sound system. This system draws more power, thus we need one (better two) 30-amp circuits.

If you want us to bring the lighting, we need one additional 20-amp circuit for each bank of fifteen lights we bring.

For outdoor events, Wheelhouse has a 13kW generator, which is more than enough for our purposes, but we can't run all your kegerators.

If you are renting a facility, Wheelhouse will call the facility electrician to ensure there is adequate power.

We deliver our sound and lighting equipment on a large truck. We need to get that truck as close to the stage as possible. We also need parking for the trucks.

Set up requires a minimum of 4 hours; longer if we have lights. Plus we need time to test the sound equipment to ensure that the room or area is balanced for optimum performance.

To maintain the magic of the evening, we want to have the setup completed and sound check finished at least one hour before guests arrive. Because of the time factor, we usually ask for site access at least 6 hours before guests arrive. For example, if guests arrive at 6:00pm, we need access to the site by 12 noon.

Breakdown of equipment usually takes at least 60 minutes. If you are renting a facility, please allow time for the band to set-up and pack-up in the rental agreement.

For outdoor venues, if there's a chance of rain, we need pop-up tents, or awnings. Water and electricity don't mix well.

If it's a hot day or bright sunshine, we'll probably need some shade and access to fresh water, especially for our stage crew.

We need a place to rest our bones prior to, and during the show. Generally, we take short breaks between music sets to adjust equipment, and rejuvenate.

For indoor events, Wheelhouse uses a PA system large enough to easily cover an audience of 500 people.

If you planning a large outdoor event, Wheelhouse has a Level One Large Format concert system that will accommodate up to 2,500 listeners. Our Level Two Large Format concert system is suitable for audiences up to 5,000 people.

Beyond 5,000 participants, we can arrange to bring in a multi-tower sound system.

Through our website, you can learn more about the band, look over our song repertoire, check-out places we've been, and see what is needed for your event. Just click the Open Menu here or at the top of the page.

Most of all, we are very easy to communicate with and can provide tips to help you make your event memorable, and/or profitable. We also have a available.

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