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It's no secret...bands come and go, and members have developments in their lives that precipitate change. Wheelhouse has been very fortunate to have the same band members for many years. All our members are experienced on-stage performers, and very capable of playing various types of music. This gives Wheelhouse the ability to "pivot the genre" when necessary.

MorganLead singer Steve Morgan has been with Wheelhouse since 2014, and delivers quite a punch when it comes to country music. Steve has been singing for years with various classic rock bands. When the call went out from Wheelhouse for a male singer, Young SteveSteve stepped up and brought his classic rock stylings to pop-country which was perfect, as modern country now has a lot of rock overtones in the music.

Steve's smile is just as infectous now as it was in 1977, and you could tell from his senior photo that he was destine to become a band front man; who else would wear a tuxedo on school picture day?

AllisonLead singer Allison Goad is a Fresno native, a classically trained opera singer with a degree in vocal arts, and business woman. She is the owner of "C'est La Vie Arts" here in the Central Valley, providing vocal coaching.

Allison's broad vocal skills enables Wheelhouse to not only perform country songs, but rock, blues, pop and alternative as well. And if asked, perhaps a little opera too.

Wheelhouse was very lucky to have recruited Allison; an over the top singer who energizes our entire show.

Long time Wheelhouse member Stacy Creasy delivers "country velvet" when it comes to songs about life, love, and humor. Band members always know when Stacy's about to pull a funny diddy out of the repertoire just by the sudden gleam in his eye.

A former college league ball player, Stacy's wife Michelle had no idea he could sing until several years into their marriage. Not limited to country music; Stacy can also pull out several classic rock tunes, as well as "on the fringe" jazz and blues

When not playing music, Stacy is promoting California agricultural products to both domestic and foreign buyers around the world.

Ask Mike Kelley how long he's been playing guitar; his answer: "forever". Mike was first smitten by a guitar in the late 60's, which led to a life time of bleeding finger tips. A Fresno native, he has played in several prominent bands over the years, including "Rainbow Bridge" (1970's), and "Papa Clutch and the Shifters" (1980's and 90's).

Aside from his sizzling guitar riffs, Mike is also an aficionado of getting the music exactly right. He hears the subtleties in songs and drives the band to reproduce the tunes precisely as they were originally performed by the artists. Otherwise, we get the stink-eye.

When not playing with Wheelhouse, Mike teaches guitar, performs with coffee house friends.

We refer to Danny Anderson as Thing #2, but his guitar playing is second to none. In fact, Danny and Mike (Thing #1) compliment each other so well with call and response leads, or ripping it up with dueling guitars, it sends chills down your spine.

Danny spends a lot of time getting the technique and nuances of a song just right. You can hear and feel it in his leads and timbre.

Wheelhouse isn't Danny's only band; he and Stacy have an agile "Rock the House" power trio called "Vapor Trail" (it's a flying thing) and perform in smaller venues where the full Wheelhouse Band can't physically fit.

Born in Porterville, Bill Bilhou was raised in Lemoore and started playing keyboards at the tender age of 6. He really wanted to play Pedal Steel Guitar, but his dad brought home an organ, so Bill settled for that. During his high school years, he and 3 other local friends formed a band called "The Sullies", which went on to open at Fillmore for several San Francisco acts in the late 1960's.

Bill has played keyboards for some music industry heavy-weights, but is most comfortable on the local scene with friends. He also played in Rainbow Bridge in the 1970's with Mike, so joining Wheelhouse was like a 40 year college reunion.

Aside from Wheelhouse, Bill also plays in a number of blues bands in the Central Valley as a featured keyboardist. But he likes to think of Wheelhouse as his "Main Band". Who knows ... he might end up playing the Pedal Steel Guitar yet.

If you have ever seen the logo for Protection Racket drum cases, it was modelled in the image of our drummer Kirby Alstrom. A Fresno native, Kirby started drumming long before the turn of the century (don't ask which one, but his drum teacher is alive, well, and playing every weekend).

Kirby is the only member of Wheelhouse to have his very own following. Whenever the band is playing in public, someone will start the chant ... Kirby, Kirby. This inevitably throws us all off because Kirby feels obligated to stand up and acknowledge the crowd, right before the intro to a song.

If you come to one of our public outdoor concerts, join in the chant and have some fun while the band gives razzes the drummer.

TomThe lowliest part of Wheelhouse is Tom Weil; responsible for tamping down crowd enthusiasm. Unlike many exuberant bass players, Tom just stands next to the drummer and watches his kick, unemotionally concentrating on the next note in the bass progression.

However, Tom knows the entire band is at his mercy because they all fear the dreaded "bass solo"; something that happens when all other band members have stopped playing, and Tom is not payng attention.

Tom is also the guy who keeps the band calendar, and makes most of the performance arrangements.

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