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On our web page below, we offer a number of photo lay-outs which can be used for promotional purposes.

The official Wheelhouse total EPK is still in production as of this date, so if you are seeing this message, we appreciate your patience. The EPK has taken us longer than we expected due to the diversity of locations and shots.

Once completed, we will have the link here.

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change out the material as necessary, and that our images and logo may be used by permission only.  If we are performing at your venue, permission to use our material is implied.

All stock photos and altered stock photos on this website are licensed to Wheelhouse Country Band of Fresno, California.  Please do not copy or reproduce any photographic images, other than the EPK images below.

If you require any other type of artwork not pictured below, please contact us.  Click on the image below to open full photo in a separate tab.  Once open, use your right click on mouse to copy to your own clipboard, then paste.

Full Color Pix, sizes below.Wheelhouse Full Color Thumbnail
Wheelhouse Trademark Logo PNG

Through our website, you can learn more about the band, look over our song repertoire, check-out places we've been, and see what is needed for your event. Just click the Open Menu here or at the top of the page.

Most of all, we are very easy to communicate with and can provide tips to help you make your event memorable, and/or profitable. We also have a available.

You can view video and additional pictures of the band on our Facebook page. To stay in the information loop, be sure to click "LIKE" one the band Facebook page.

If you are interested in learning more about our band, our contact info is a the bottom of each web page

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